We believe that communicating is not just about reaching out to people it is also about customers being able to express their feelings about anything. We at Ibroad7 are about being able to efficiently “hear” those voices and resonate with what people want to hear. Our team consists of media professionals who each have more a decade of experience in the field of media planning, customized solutions for campaigns and in-depth expertise to offer valuable insights that even a customer may overlook at times.

Mission Statement

Guided by the relentless focus of our vision and values we deliver breakthrough solutions to problems by innovation in the domain of technology and media. We deliver excellence through each service. Our team of seasoned, loyal and resilient media personnel executes flawless service consistently.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be forerunners in our field of operation with a focus on customer loyalty, customized and well strategized solutions, We expect to be the preferred radio agency for our customers.

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